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About Hill Top Summer Adventures

Located on the beautiful 25 acre campus of Hill Top Preparatory School in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, we provide a number of programs that support social and life skills development for students entering Grades 2–12. We are a small campus where everyone knows everyone else's name.

A portion of our campers have been diagnosed with learning differences and have neurological profiles that include high functioning Asperger's Syndrome, a non-verbal learning disability and/or an attention deficit disorder.


Our camp is separated into three main programs: a traditional day camp for students entering Grades 2 through 9; a program focused on independent living skills for students in Grades 10 through post-graduate; and an active, problem-solving based technology program for students in Grades 11 through post-graduate.

Our staff is made up of social workers, teachers, and college students who have experience working with students with  learning disabilities. Our high level of experience alongside our 3:1 camper to counselor ratio allows us to support students in any situation.

A portion of our campers come to us funded through their school district as part of their Extended School Year Program (ESY). We are happy to work with your school district, should your child qualify for ESY service.

We welcome the opportunity to show your family around Hill Top’s campus, a place where friendships begin. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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Our Programs



With three main programs – Outdoor Adventurers, Arts & Crafts, and STEM Scholars – families are welcome to choose any combination they would like. Each program will run every week of camp, allowing our campers to focus on what they enjoy. You could choose one program for the full 6 weeks of camp, or mix and match for variety! Certain activities, such as swimming and ESY Academic Support, will still be scheduled for all campers in all programs when necessary.



Circle Forward is looking for bright and talented young minds with an interest in next-level gaming to come together for an unforgettable summer of healthy  competition and personal growth. Developed and operated by a former professional gamer and student of  martial arts, Circle Forward focuses on training not only gaming skill sets, but also competitive mindsets, intra- and inter-personal mindfulness, and emotional learning.



Based on the neurodiverse hiring practices of several large companies, this program will help develop the skills  necessary to any post-secondary plan. The Summer Innovators program provides opportunities for students who have completed their sophomore year of high school through their  freshman year of college. This program trains and assesses students in the work competencies and social skills needed to succeed in today’s employment market.



P2I is an experiential program which consists of five weeks of hands-on lessons on Hill Top’s campus and a one week, in-resident program at a local university. The P2I summer program is for teens that are entering 10th grade through Freshman year of college.

Our curriculum introduces and provides opportunities for students to experience independent living skills. We focus on becoming more self-aware and learning how to effectively communicate. We also teach pre-employability skills and reinforce the importance of personal care.

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