Calling all gamers! Are you interested in learning and experiencing first-hand what the wide world of Esports is like?


The Program

Circle Forward is looking for bright and talented young minds with an interest in next-level gaming to come together for an unforgettable summer of healthy competition and personal growth. Developed and operated by a former professional gamer and student of martial arts, Circle Forward focuses on training not only gaming skill sets, but also competitive mindsets, intra- and inter-personal mindfulness, and emotional learning.

​Participating campers will:

  • Gain or add to their hands-on experience with a range of competitive eSports fighting game titles 

  • Learn about the history of Esports, including the personalities and events that helped to shape it 

  • Practice mindfulness and emotional learning through a program based on traditional martial arts teachings that have been updated for modern practicality 

  • Develop strong and positive sensibilities for competition to to be better prepared for tournament settings