P2I offers teens an extraordinary and interactive learning experience.


Our program encourages teens to honor what makes them unique and in turn learn how to modify behaviors and interact in various situations present in today’s society. P2I also provides an opportunity to practice independent life skills while receiving support and feedback from the P2I team and peers. The Pathways to Independence team uses hands-on direct experiences, classroom instruction, mentoring, counseling groups and other proven techniques. The program is designed as one of the building blocks in preparing a teen for high school and post-graduate opportunities. 


The Program

P2I is an experiential program which consists of five weeks of hands on lessons on Hill Top’s campus and a one week in-resident program at a local university. The P2I summer program is for teens that are entering 10th grade through Freshman year of college.

Our curriculum introduces and provides opportunities for students to experience independent living skills. We focus on becoming more self-aware and learn how to effectively communicate. We also teach pre-employability skills and reinforce the importance of personal care.

Daily Schedule 

  • Casual group discussion on current events 

  • Classroom instruction on an independent living skill

  • A short break followed by an outdoor group activity

  • Indoor independent living activity 

  • Lunch  

  • Mentor, counseling, or study skills groups 

  • Daily independent experiences